Melva Mitchell Fort Worth - Chiropractic Profession

Members of the Academy should respect the dignity and honor of the chiropractic profession and all laws.

Dr Melva Mitchell - It promotes compliance with professional ethics within its membership, in particular by prohibiting any kind of educational program or training for chiropractors who recognize the lack of ethical standards in chiropractic care practices and the ethical conduct of its members.

Members should protect the public and the Academy from the appearance, as reported, and from any hesitation of a member to compromise the moral character or professional competence that chiropractic physicians lack. Members of the Academy must respect these laws in their professional conduct and practice.

Melva Mitchell Fort Worth: Chiropractors who have taken disciplinary action against them for the adoption of the ACA Code of Ethics are also encouraged to contact their lawyers to determine whether there is a legal basis for their discipline.

To protect patients, chiropractors must make efforts to obtain and maintain insurance for treatment errors. As teachers, chiropractors should recognize the importance of helping others acquire knowledge, skills and practice in this profession. They should support and participate in appropriate activities that enable individuals to pay such reasonable fees.

Chiropractors who are considering endorsing a product, company or service should only do so if it has a positive impact on the profession and upholds the guidelines of the Texas Chiropractic Association. This is in line with the recognised ethical standards in the field of chiropractic and other medical professions.

Melva Mitchell Fort Worth Texas says: Chiropractors should respect the right of patients to choose the care they receive and the protection and safety at the heart of chiropractic practice. The chiropractor who practices protects the doctor-patient relationship and performs in a manner consistent with proper professional service. He or she recognizes the patient's right to choose his or her own medical care and assures him or her that he or she can visit the chiropractor, knowing that he or she is receiving professional treatment.

The practices and procedures that a chiropractic physician can use are based on the academic and clinical training that he receives from an accredited chiropractic college as determined by the Board. The Chiropractor Committee and the National Association for the Advancement of Science have developed comprehensive standards for chiropractor programs.

Dr Melva Mitchell - Various chiropractic professional associations recommend codes of conduct and ethical conduct for practitioners. These immutable laws are the foundation for ethical practitioners, who need standards by which a chiropractor can determine decency and behavior in his or her practice, as well as the behavior of his or her patients

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