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Dr. Melva Mitchell Fort Worth specializes in chiropractic in Fort Worth, TX and has over 14 years of experience in the field of medicine.

Melva Mitchell Fort Worth  Chiropractic? Who is it for?

 When they ask about the benefits of chiropractic care, the contraindications are relative since, understanding that the care aims to improve the quality of life, all people can receive it, regardless of age.


Dr Melva Mitchell There are logical cares (such as fractures, fissures or vertebral tumors) that a trained chiropractor will know how to take into account when applying their care.


The benefit of chiropractic care can be received by athletes, pregnant women, newborns, children, adults of any age and condition. The indications for chiropractic care are totally beneficial. What is the minimum age to start chiropractic care? There is no minimum age.


A chiropractor is trained with more than 200 chiropractic adjustment techniques and can adapt them according to the age and condition of the patient.


Melva Mitchell Fort Worth Is chiropractic similar to massage? Chiropractic is often confused with other disciplines, including massage, and is far from it. The chiropractor focuses his care on the spinal column, its vertebrae, those that are misaligned (subluxations) are adjusted and thus the nervous system is freed.


A muscle depends in its functioning on a correct neurological feedback. The specific chiropractic adjustment manages to decompress the nerve and, thus, the soft tissues, muscles, ligaments, tendons work harmoniously.

What is an adjustment? Does it hurt to get an adjustment? Chiropractic adjustment is a gentle and precise push that the chiropractor performs with his hands on the spine, aimed at correcting vertebral subluxation.


Dr Melva Mitchell The setting is different depending on whether the recipient is a newborn, a pregnant woman or an elderly person, but the goal is always the same: to free the nervous system from interference to maximize human potential at all levels. There are over a hundred chiropractic techniques, some more powerful than others.


All adjustment techniques have three factors in common: their precision, their high level of safety, and their effectiveness in restoring the proper functioning of the nervous system.