Dr Melva Mitchell Chiropractic Treatment for Children

Melva Mitchell Fort Worth - From the moment a baby is born. its organism is put to the test, which was accustomed to the environment of its mother's womb.

The trauma surrounding the experience of childbirth. Is marked as an imprint on the nervous system.


The first vertebral subluxation occurs at this time. Since the doctor has to exert great force to remove the baby from its mother's womb. Subluxations originating in childbirth show children with different symptoms such as colic. Less resistance to infections (ear, nose, throat), developmental problems (hyperactivity, learning)


The spinal column can be exposed from childhood. To tensions and traumas that gradually form the vertebral subluxation complex.

Melva Mitchell Fort Worth - Why take your child to the chiropractor?

Children are the ones who suffer the most subluxations due to different physical causes childbirth, falls, weight in backpacks, continued bad posture, school furniture chemical (medication, vaccines, sweets, incorrect diet ...) and emotional (jealousy between siblings, situations committed relatives, exams…).

* So they grow in better health naturally and support general wellness.


* To promote the development of the neurological system (brain and nerves).


* To strengthen immunity, reduce the incidence of colds. Otitis and disease in general and have a faster recovery.


* To help with asthma, breathing difficulties, and allergies.


* To improve your ability to concentrate and learn.


* To help with behavior disorders, hyperactivity, nervousness.


* To improve sleep and help with enuresis (wetting the bed).


* To relieve digestive problems, constipation, reflux in babies.


* To help with colic and irritable baby syndrome.


* To detect and correct scoliosis, kyphosis and promote good posture of the spine.


Dr Melva Mitchell Childhood Traumas

Traumas when putting pressure on the spine overload the nervous system. (spinal cord and nerves). Creating interference and difficulties for the body to be optimally regulated. The health of children is thus endangered.


* Physical Overload: Childbirth (forceps, suction cups, cesarean section). Falls, shocks (which we think without consequences). Sports injuries Bad posture, heavy backpacks, inappropriate school furniture Children in childhood. Being extremely active, can suffer more in the spine in a single day than some adults in an entire year!


* Chemical Overload: Dehydration, unbalanced diet, too much sugar


* Emotional Overload: Anxiety, stress


Chiropractic For Children


It is ideal for children. it is a comprehensive, natural. Preventive health care and without the need for medications. It offers techniques adapted to each age, from newborn to teenager.


Many back problems in adults have their origin in childhood. Give your child an opportunity that you haven't had.


We improve the health of children to avoid neurological problems


The nervous system is the one that controls and regulates the functions of the body. When children's communication channels do not work properly. They can cause: colic or irritability, inability to suckle, lack of sleep. Delayed mental development digestion problems, asthma, behavior problems. Lack of energy, lack of concentration, Headaches…

Benefits of Chiropractic for Children


Physical overload


Poor posture, falls, complications during delivery


Emotional overload


Anxiety, stress


Chemical overload


Dehydration, exposure to chemicals or toxins (cleaning products), poor diet

Helps with sleep problems and behavior disorders. Strengthens your immune system and prevents future diseases. Promotes general well-being with good physical and mental health. Nervous system overload can be the result of different stresses.

Physical overload


Poor posture, falls, complications during delivery


Emotional overload


Anxiety, stress


Chemical overload


Dehydration, exposure to chemicals or toxins cleaning products, poor diet

The 10 most common benefits that a chiropractor can bring to your child

Promote good posture of the spine.


Support general health and wellness.


Help with sleep problems and enuresis.


Help with colic and irritable baby syndrome.


Help relieve digestive problems.


Help with conduct disorders.


Promote good neuronal plasticity (brain and nerve development).


Help improve your children's ability to concentrate.


Help with asthma, allergies and other breathing difficulties.


Help strengthen your immune system and potentially reduce the incidence of colds. Otitis and diseases.


Chiropractic uses gentle and appropriate methods adapted from the child's birth to adolescence.